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“Seeds are very expensive and difficult to obtain in Haiti. Seeds from Hope Seeds are an incredible economic advantage for the communities. We received the amount we requested, which is very helpful. Every seed packet has a message of hope and we distribute them with the Gospel message. Our ministry has a large evangelistic portion and we are always working with evangelism — through the seeds we are able to bless many people.”

Elizabeth Fleming – Medical Ambassadors Haiti

We thank all the Hope Seeds donors and volunteers whose dedication and hard efforts ensure that hungry children and families are fed in Haiti and around the world. Hope Seeds donates seeds to Love A Child, as we are one of their “seed depots” for the country. As their seed depot, Love A Child, in turn, provides the seeds to many other projects around Haiti. The Hope Seeds donations give hope and encouragement, the message of Jesus, and season after season of good, nourishing food. We also use their seeds in our training classes and send each graduate home with enough Hope Seeds to start large community gardens. We will start our next 3-week “Sustainable Agriculture in Haiti” class as soon as we can get enough students registered.

Bobby Barnet, Love A Child, Haiti 

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“We want to share with you a Praise Report about a sustainable gardening project which our partnership with Hope Seeds was able to help. This picture is of a garden project for an orphanage in Marbial, near Jacmel, to whom we distributed Hope Seeds along with basic garden instruction. This is a perfect example of how our partnership can help so many people in the name of our Lord, Jesus.”

Marlaine – Faith and Love In Action

“I am blessed to report that our seed distribution to Duchity and Jeremie, Haiti went well. The people were very thankful to receive the vegetable seeds. Some of the seeds, kale and other leafy varieties, were unknown to them. We held numerous training sessions and I am doing more on house gardens with my 50 farmers in Pignon. I will report more soon. Thanks again for your ministry! God Bless!”


Mary Anderson – F.A.R.M. Haiti


“I have 100 children in Bible Garden School. These children are the hope for Haiti. They are learning about God as they learn how to grow food.  Haiti is a very difficult place for children, they need to learn techniques to grow food for their future and their families. Growing food is a necessity in Haiti. Having a garden begins with seeds, good seeds, and the knowledge what to do with that seed. Seed is Life! Thank you Hope Seeds for helping the people of Haiti" 

Josias Romeus, Agronomist – Hope Seeds Haiti


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