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The Mustard Seed Project

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The MUSTARD SEED PROJECT is a new outreach of Hope Seeds International. It is inspired by the parable spoken by Jesus in which he compared the Kingdom of Heaven to a tiny mustard seed which grew into the greatest of plants (Matt. 13: 31—32).  Giving seed is a start to resolving hunger, but when there are insufficient resources, such as tools, a water source, education, or another unmet need that may prevent self-sufficiency, we come short of fulfilling our mission.  However, through the Mustard Seed Project (MSP) program, our goals can further be accomplished. Through special donors like yourself, HSI can meet small, specific needs of individuals, families and communities. Indeed, it is often the smallest investments that have the greatest outcome in ministry. In a previous newsletter                                                      our first Mustard Seed Project was implemented. Samanta and her children now have real Hope thanks to one small investment of $350 that has the potential to produce a bountiful harvest for years to come!  These projects are intended to meet specific identified needs, either individually or as a community, by HSI or by partnering organizations. These needs usually have gone unnoticed or unmet, leaving the least of His children in great need of hope. As HSI has opportunities to travel and evaluate projects with partner organizations, needs can be identified, assessed, and a plan made to implement a Mustard Seed Project. Projects are not limited to a specific range of activities, but rather evaluated based on needs and for greatest potential Kingdom impact. Just like the concept of the mustard seed, this project is intended to make small investments with potential for great return.  See below for current and completed projects.

Current Opportunities Available! Fund a Mustard Seed Project!

Help farmers in Kenya with corn seed. Hope Seeds does not send large amounts of seed that are considered staple crops, such as corn. Our concentration is on providing vegetable seeds that are hard to obtain. However, when needed, we supply funding to help supplement the purchase of seeds in country when available.   Corn is considered a staple in Kenya and is readily available, but this year corn seed is very expensive, so we are responding by raising money to help subsidize seed for families who cannot afford to purchase corn. This is in the hope of preventing hunger.  If you would like to donate any amount to this Mustard Seed Project, just mark your gift as MSP: Seed for Kenya. Our goal is $500. 

Seed storage facility in Haiti. Part of our mission at HSI is to help communities save seed for future generations and to break the dependency cycle. One current goal is to create a seed storage facility in the Central Plateau region of Haiti. This facility will be simple and appropriate for the area--something the people can maintain for years to come. This facility will be a source where Haitians can get their seed in order to grow their own food. If you would like to donate to this project, please mark your gift as MSP: Seed Storage in Haiti. Our goal is to raise $1,000 to accomplish this project. 

Helping kids in New Mexico, USA, learn gardening skills. Working with a partner in Albuquerque, HSI is teaming up to help sprout the next generation of gardeners. Through this project you can sponsor the education and training of at-risk children in the importance of gardening and better nutrition, and also support and mentor youth through urban and small space gardening in low-income areas. If you would like to support this project, please mark your gift as MSP: Kids Gardens in NM. Our goal for this project is $500. 

Earth Bag Seed Storage

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Completed Mustard Seed Projects!

Through the Mustard Seed Project, Hope Seeds International has helped our partner, Jubilee Farms in Kenya, to establish a hatchery and training in poultry production. In the past we have sent seed and sponsored seed projects in Kenya. Jubilee Farms is an important partner with Hope Seeds in working toward sustainable food production. Establishing a poultry project is important since this adds a source of protein and income for local families. Also, since fertilizer is scarce and expensive, manure from the poultry operation has the added benefit of supplying a fresh source of fertilizer for the gardens. This creates a healthy food production system and, most importantly, families are nourished and fed. Empower & Educate & Encourage!!!



Samanta, was the first recipient of the MSP and helped spark the idea to start this program.  Samanta and her family are now growing their own vegetables on her own land. If you haven't seen her story                       
One small seed has the power to change lives!

Expansion of the Bio-intensive Garden program with our partner, Artists for Soup, in Nicaragua. What a wonderful partnership we have with Artists for Soup, working together to end hunger in Nicaragua and bring Hope to so many. Head trainer, Elioena Arauz, is a pastor and agroecologist, teaching sustainable gardening and the Word of God! To learn more about Elioena  

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