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Welcome to our library of Children’s Ministry activities, worksheets, flash cards and translations. We think you will find them to be effective learning tools to enhance teaching efforts. We invite you to print and share the materials from each series. Please keep the pages in their original format.


Children's Ministry

Our newest garden teaching tools give “hope” to children of developing nations and empower them to grow their own food while learning about the love of Jesus Christ and their relationship with God in the garden. Access each document by clicking the “select” link.

1. Little Seeds of Mine   [select]

2. Five Finger Prayers   [select]

3. Bank Coloring Page    [select]

4. Connectivity Chart   [select]

5. Nature’s Garden   [select]

6. Jesus Loves Me   [select]

7. Seeds and Eggs   [select]

8. Garden Coloring Pages   [select]

9. Garden Devotions   [select]

Flash Cards – Garden Plants

Are you in the field, or preparing for travel?  Use these flash cards to enhance learning when educating others about garden plant varieties.

1. Beets   [select]

2. Cabbage  [select]

3. Cabbage – Pak Choi   [select]

4. Carrots   [select]

5. Collards   [select]

6. Cucumber   [select]

7. Eggplant    [select]

8. Lettuce   [select]

9. Mustard   [select]

10. Okra   [select]

11. Onion (Bunching)   [select]

12. Onions   [select]

13. Parsley   [select]

14. Pepper   [select]

15. Radish   [select]

16. Squash   [select]

17. Swisschard   [select]

18. Tomato (Grape)   [select]

19. Tomato (Roma)   [select]

20. Turnip   [select]

21. Watermelon   [select]

Flash Cards – Children’s Curriculum

The Hope Seeds Children’s Gardening Curriculum consists of 24 lessons based on planning, planting, and harvesting a garden together. Each lesson begins with a simple gardening question which can generate discussion among your group. The basic answers are on page two (intended to be printed on the back-side of each lesson card) for the teacher’s benefit, and the information can be expanded on as the teacher feels necessary. Some cards also include activity sheets.

INTRO: Welcome to the Hope Seeds Children’s Curriculum   [select]

1. What is a garden?   [select]

2. Who was the first gardener?   [select]

3. Why did God make a garden?   [select]

4. Why should we make a garden?   [select]

5. What does a garden need?   [select]

6. What tools will we use in our garden?   [select]

7. How do we get the soil ready?   [select]

8. How can we make the soil better?   [select]

9. Where do plants come from?   [select]

10. How do we pick the right seeds?   [select]

11. What shall we grow?   [select]

12. What is germination?   [select]

13. How do we plant our seeds?   [select]

14. How do we take care of our newly planted seeds?   [select]

15. What is transplanting?   [select]

16. Why is water important for our plants?   [select]

17. How can we protect our garden from animals?   [select]

18. Why do we need to weed our garden?   [select]

19. What is mulch and why is it important?   [select]

20. Why do we prune or thin our plants?   [select]

21. What is a trellis and why do some plants need one?   [select]

22. When can we harvest our vegetables?   [select]

23. What do we get from our vegetables?   [select]

24. How can we have seeds for next year?   [select]


Our worksheets provide useful information about seeds, planting, nutrition and more.

1. Compatibility Planting   [select]

2. Crops and Insect Control   [select]

3. Planting Guide   [select]

5. Seed Saving and Glossary   [select]

4. Nutrition Maturity   [select]


These resources can assist with communication and provide language translations for common terms.

1. French Coloring Book   [select]

2. Seed Saving – Creole   [select]

3. Creole Translations   [select]

5. Planting Chart – Creole   [select]

4. Vegetable Translations   [select]

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