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Seed Packing


Did you know that something as small as a vegetable seed can provide food, nutrition, and income for the most vulnerable people and their communities throughout the world? Seeds are a powerful resource in resolving global hunger and relieving poverty.

Seed packing is one of the most important ways to get involved at Hope Seeds. Families, individuals, churches, youth groups, schools, clubs, etc., can all get involved by helping to pack seeds that will be distributed throughout the world to help relieve hunger and restore hope. Thousands of volunteer hours every year allow Hope Seeds to affordably send quality seeds that benefit the hungry. 

Seeds are scooped into individual small packages and labeled according to their variety. Family Packs are assembled with ten nutritious varieties of seeds that are intended to provide a wide range of nutritional needs. Included in each Hope Garden Family Pack is the gospel message, The Message of Hope, in an appropriate language for the destination.

(Please Note: Due to increasing shipping costs, Hope Seeds may not be able to send seeds to your area for an event. Please call our office for details. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Take-Home Kits 

You can pack seeds from your very own home! How does this work? If you are in the Bradenton/ Sarasota area of Florida, you can stop by the Hope Seeds Global Office and pick up a fully stocked kit containing everything you need to either pack seeds or put together Hope Garden Family Packs along with The Message of Hope. This has been a popular way for families and friends, and even individuals, to get involved from their homes. Please call our office at 941-228-5660 to schedule a take home kit. Keep watching for other available locations coming soon!

(Please note, Home Kits are available based on the need and demands, there may not always be a need for this service depending on the season and number of seed requests we receive.)


Host a Seed Packing Event


Would you like to host a seed packing event at your church, school, etc.? We have received so much positive feedback over the years from our many volunteers that these events are so much fun!! There is nothing like getting together for a great cause and having fellowship with friends at the same time. For first time event holders one of our trained staff members will come, run the event, tell the story of Hope Seeds, and help train anyone interested in being a Seed Packing Event Coordinator for any future events. Seed events consist of packing individual seed packets, folding written materials, such as The Message of Hope, and/or putting together Hope Garden Family Packs of seeds with The Message of Hope. Oh, and don't forget: there are usually plenty of snacks during the breaks!!! 

Event Coordinator Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Setting up and cleaning the workspace for seed packing and communicating guidelines to other volunteers.

  • Greeting volunteers, guiding them through signing in and the current task, and potentially teaching new volunteers how to properly handle the seed

  • Keeping supplies flowing and the event running smoothly

  • Filling out a few questions on the paperwork

  • Potentially transporting the supplies to and from the event (depending on the circumstances and location)

  • Facilitating a pleasant atmosphere for other volunteers

Join an Existing Seed Packing Event

Not sure what a seed packing event is all about, but would like to learn? Check out our event calendar on Facebook and look for a seed packing event near you. This is a great way to learn about the mission of Hope Seeds and take part in making a difference. Trying out a seed packing event is also a great way to decide if you would like to become a host at your church or any group of people you think you may be interested in hosting an event. We recommend you call our office at 941-228-5660 to confirm the schedule and check to see if a seed packing event is open to all. Due to covid-19, or for other necessary reasons, some seed packing events are only open to those who are part of a particular church, school, or group. Some events are open to anyone, but may require certain protocols. Other events are open to all- so call ahead to verify and get more information.


Join The Team!!!

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