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Become a Partner Gardener!


Where Does Hope Seeds Get Our Seed From?

Almost 90% of our seed comes from various companies in the USA with whom we contract to purchase high quality seed in bulk that we determine will grow best in the region of the world where the seed is intended to be shipped. Some seed is grown in countries where we work with widows who grow and harvest the seed which is then bought back for redistribution (The Widow's Seed Program). This program provides jobs and creates a sustainable economy for seeds. We also work with partner gardeners to grow seed here in the USA and on our campus in Bradenton, Florida. If you have space and would like to help us grow some of our own varieties that commercial seed companies do not grow, keep on reading below!

Partner Gardener Program

It's simple! If you have space, a desire to make a difference in the world, and love to garden, we have specialty seed that you can grow in your own garden to send to those in need around the world, such as special varieties of okra and yard long bean, just to mention two. This is how it works: We will give or send you the seed to plant and grow. After you harvest and clean the seed as best possible, just bring or send the seed back to Hope Seeds in Bradenton. If you have a desire to plant seeds to help relieve hunger as a Partner Gardener, contact us at Hope Seeds.

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