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Hope Seeds Ambassador Program


You can make a difference by sharing the incredible work that Hope Seeds is doing around the world!

When you share Hope Seeds' mission with your friends, family, and community, you become a Hope Seeds Ambassador and part of our Team!

As an Ambassador, you will learn how to keep updated on Hope Seeds work through articles and stories from around the world and be equipped to share the vision!

This role as an Ambassador, can take many forms and looks different for everyone, in general, Hope Seeds Ambassadors are people who:

1.  Learn - Have a passion and love for others, and a desire to learn about hunger, poverty, and the mission of Hope Seeds. 

2. Share - Raise awareness about global hunger issues by sharing the vision of Hope Seeds with friends, community events, small groups, and churches. 

3. Network - Connect others to our mission, such as missionaries and those who can benefit from our services which empower people with resources, skills, and The Message of Hope!

4. Support - Raise funds for the work of Hope Seeds by becoming a donor and inviting others to support the mission!

Want to learn more?  

Are You Ready to Share the Vision?

  • Share your story about Hope Seeds: Why do you support Hope Seeds? Tell your Facebook friends!     

  • Include a link where people can give:

  • Donate a birthday or holiday gift: Ask for donations to Hope Seeds in your name, or give to Hope Seeds to honor someone else! One way to do this is to set up a fundraiser on Facebook for Hope Seeds. 

  • Host a gathering: Ask about available power point presentations and display information.

  • Set up a display table: If your church, school, store, a restaurant, or your workplace allows, set out some information about Hope Seeds and a donation jar. 

  • Be creative and make it fun: Do you bake, run, write, teach arts and crafts, or play an instrument? How could you take activities you enjoy and use them to tell others about Hope Seeds? Share baked goods & Hope Seeds, organize a 5k run, write a post, host a benefit concert or a cook out… Dedicate a day to doing what you love and sharing the Hope Seeds story.  

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