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Volunteer and Career Opportunities!

Volunteer !


Be the one to make a difference by becoming a volunteer at Hope Seeds! 

Hope Seeds relies on thousands of working hours from volunteers who our passionate about the mission of HSI, to carry out the mission. Volunteers contribute in many ways and are the most important members of our ministry team. Volunteers play a vital role in packaging seeds; the assembly of Hope Garden Family Packs with the gospel message; school, church, and community events; office work; mailings; fundraising; working in Hope Gardens, etc...We are exceedingly grateful for our volunteers!

Potential Volunteer Needs

We are in need of volunteers with the following skills. Hours and time commitments are very flexible. We do our best to work with volunteers to give opportunities, especially those who have retired, to use God given gifts and talents to serve the poor and provide the good news of Christ through the ministry of HSI. Plese note, some positions may not be available. 

  • Social media skills and writing skills for producing newsletters and posts

  • Marketing and fund raising skills

  • Grant writing skills

  • Ambassadors for the ambassador program 

  • General office aid (if you have office skills or just want to be available to help, come and reveal your talents and we will find an area of service for you)

  • Volunteer coordination 

  • Garden volunteers to maintain Hope Gardens

Currently, there are no full-time positions available. Please inquire or contact us at Hope Seeds if you have a desire or interest in future ministry opportunities. 

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