Testimonials continued . . .
Testimonial Photo-1

“Abraham is a fantastic gardener and a very thoughtful man. He is growing his personal vegetable garden with seeds provided by Hope Seeds. He will invest in his garden and then share the harvest with his less fortunate neighbors. Abraham truly understands the principle of generosity and practices it everyday in the village he calls home.”

Sid and Kara Hosler, Swazi Hope, Swaziland

“A happy young Cambodian farmer, 18 years old in one of the orphan homes with his ‘Hope Seeds’ seed packs. He has USA seed catalogues and dreams over the seed he wants to plant. Thanks to Hope Seeds for investing in his life.”

Frank Frye, Cru, Cambodia
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Testimonial Photo-3

“The people of Nchiru and myself are all extremely grateful for Hope Seed’s assistance by way of seed donation. The project was implemented successfully, raised revenue to feed the 700+ children attending school/boarding there. I have updates from several members of the community all expressing gratitude and that the greenhouses are indeed producing high yields of vegetables for the children’s cafeteria.”

Madeline Steiner, Nchiru children’s village, Kenya

“We did receive the seeds especially enjoyed growing the sweet cabbage and tomatoes. These vegetables have helped my children improve their health status that they no longer fall sick. I have large family, so these vegetables have been of great help to my family, Instead of me incurring expenses in buying vegetables, I just grow my vegetables in my garden and feed my children. My message to Hope seeds is that; thank you so much for providing us with seeds and please give us more so we can grow sale some in the market and earn money for supporting our children.”

Zam Nabirye, Naminage village in Kamuli District, Uganda


Testimonial Photo-4

“The garden has been thriving! Thanks again to Hope Seeds for their generosity, you are making a big difference!”

Brad Ward, Hospital Loma de Luz, Honduras

“These people are the poorest of the overwhelming poor.
They now have food growing in their gardens.
Their children will be able to eat for another season.
Thank you for your help together in God’s Work!”

Sandy Holland, Haiti Helpers, Haiti

“The seeds were very helpful in assisting us to provide food
for the children in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Your program is a much needed and helpful program!”

Dean Yoder, Christian World Outreach, Burkina Faso
Plant A Seed! Feed A Soul!