Hope Gardens

Hope Gardens

Education is the root of the work at Hope Seeds. It is like a seed that can grow a community. That is how HopeGardens works; we build community gardens in local schools, teaching children about best practices and seed saving. We give them quality seeds, tools and knowledge and then support them to help bring that message home. We believe that changing communities begins with reaching children; and we believe that quality seeds open doors for the seed of the Gospel to take root and grow.

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When you commit to support HopeGardens, your monthly donation provides the vital resources to allow these community gardens to flourish; when the garden flourish, the community thrives and the Gospel can be shared.

Take Root & Grow

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By partnering with Hope Seeds, you will help to plant a new HopeGarden and enrich a new community. When we say “Partner,” we mean it. We want you and your organization to be a part of our work to spread quality seed and share the Gospel. We want you to travel with us to see the HopeGarden you planted and meet the people that are benefiting from it. Your organization or legacy gift can plant the seeds of change that will continue to grow into a community transformation and affect thousands of people. But we want you to be directly involved; so contact us to begin a conversation of how we can partner to solve both physical and spiritual hunger.

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